A Better Way to Track Apprenticeship Hours

This handy, easy to use app is a convenient way for all apprentices to keep track of their hours and skill sets.

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Why Choose Us

While I was apprenticing to become a carpenter, I received the green book from the Ministry to record my hours. And promptly misplaced it…several times.

Having TimeDog would have made keeping track of my hours so easy. I always have my phone and so I could track my hours at the end of each work day.

Peace of mind and no panic to remember the hours and skills you complete. All for less than the cost of a textbook!

TimeDog and the green book make great partners for tracking the hours and skill sets you complete during your apprenticeship journey.


Track Your Hours on Your Phone

This handy, easy to use app is a convenient way for all apprentices to keep track of their hours and skill sets.  At the end of each working day, just scroll through, find the task you worked on and log your hours in the appropriate skill set. You will see the total number of hours you have to complete on the job. As you input hours, you will see a sliding bar move along as your hours add up.

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Track the Skill Sets You Develop

In this area of the app you’ll be able to keep track of the skill sets required to complete your apprenticeship.

Save Contact Info About Employers/Sponsors

The TimeDog app also allows you to keep or update information about your sponsors/employers in case your situation changes.

Write Notes About Tools, Processes, etc

There is even a section for you to add notes about what you learned today like a new tool or process.

All Your Info Stored Safely in the Cloud

Everything is stored safely in the Cloud, in case your phone is lost or damaged.  Your hours will still be there next time you sign in.

When you need a summary of your logs, hours or employers, you can choose the option. It will take the information and put it into a chart you can email to yourself, journey-person or employer. You can use the information to complete your paperwork for the government and prove your hours completed!


Download the app now and start tracking your time with TimeDog.